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Caring for You and Your Generations to come

Life Care Planning is a holistic, elder-centered approach to the practice of law which can respond to every challenge caused by a chronic illness or a disability of an elderly loved one.  The goal is to promote and maintain good health, safety, well-being, and the quality life for each of the clients and families, with a specific emphasis on keeping the loved one at home as long as possible.  The Life Care Planning Law Firm relies on the inter-disciplinary Elder Care Coordinator to identify present and future needs, aids in locating the appropriate high-quality care in response to future crisis situations, all the while developing on-going relationships with the entire family.

This is a transition from Elder Law as a paradigm shift to an emphasis on coordinating good, quality care for the CLIENT.

The ultimate beneficiaries, usually children, take a secondary role in Life Care Planning because the client’s assets are primarily used for the Client’s care. If there is good planning, there should be assets, such as the personal residence, available to the beneficiaries when the client passes away.

The entire family benefits from Life Care planning because the Elder Care Coordinator attends care meetings, discharge meetings from hospitals, and the assessment of the home or facility where the client resides. The Elder Care Coordinator keeps in touch with the family members as to what is happening to their loved one as much as possible, and as such, the family members understand that the Elder Care Coordinator is the advocate for the client’s best interests.

The Elder Care Coordinator helps the client retain the best care possible while preserving as much of the family wealth as possible. The Elder Care Coordinator offers education of the family members, finds the pieces of the financial and health care puzzle which best suits the client, and guides the legal, health care, and long-term care decision-making for the entire family.

Long-term illnesses and disabilities raise many questions for families. The best solution in to plan ahead, have a good quality Estate plan in place to protect assets from Guardianships and Death Probate and also from total spend-down if you enter a skilled nursing facility, and a Life care Planning law Firm to coordinate the care for your loved one in the event that requires care. Remember, statistically, 80% of senior citizens who reach the age of 75 and older have some exposure to a skilled nursing facility. You CAN plan for a disability and a stay in a skilled nursing facility. The NORTHERN ILLINOIS CENTER for ElderCARE, P.C. can help plan your Estate and coordinate care for you in order to stave off the entrance into a skilled nursing facility until it is absolutely necessary.

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